[Dshield] Fightback question ?

Peter Richards dshield at jehoshua.com
Thu Jan 1 05:32:02 GMT 2004


I have just joined DShield. Many thanks to Wayne Larmon for adding the Billion
router/modem to the (new) version of CVTWIN that has a new 'Kiwi Billion' converter.

Just a minor question on the "fightback". I ticked the box when subscribing, and
noticed the following:

(IMPORTANT! If you check this box, we may forward selected reports you submit to
ISPs where the attack originated. WE WILL INCLUDE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS AND
COMPLETE LOG EXCERPT! More information on FightBack.

Does this mean if I don't tick the box, _NONE_ of my reports that I submit via
CVTWIN will ever reach an ISP, therefore indicating the reports I submit would
only be used for statistical purposes ?



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