[Dshield] On the rumor mill...

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Given the depressed state of the IT industry here and the tons of snow and
ice outside, a $150K a year and living in Costa Rica could seem like a good
deal, so where do I apply?  Given our Canadian dollar closed at the highest
its been in ten years against the US dollar I'd rather take my $150K as

I would agree however spam is no different then anything else on the
internet, if spam is not illegal somewhere, then that is all that is needed
to spam the whole planet.  To bad so many people buy spammed products,
otherwise it would die out on its own.  Perhaps some public education is
needed so people would quit believing the garbage that spam is trying and
succeeding to sell.  Myself I think it is pathetic that the internet has
become the medium of choice for finding all the suckers in the world.

On the upside forcing all the spammer to work out of a small and
insignificant third world country makes it so much easier to black hole
their IP Addresses.


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> Well, in a few hours the "Can Spam Act" goes into effect. What a waste of
tax payer's money! But lets not even go there...
> One of the effects of the act that I predicted last fall, when the bill
was still under discussion, was that U.S. based spammers would simply move
their operations offshore -- just like they did Internet gambling when
Congress outlawed it. Well, apparently that move is already under way.
> Yesterday, I was speaking to a security expert with one of the major
Canadian ISPs. He indicated that in a recent local Help Wanted ad, a company
(suspected spam organization) was advertising for a position for a computer
security, spam, and virus expert for work in Costa Rica -- at $150K (US) per
year. We both agreed that it sounded like they were looking for someone to
write spamware and spamiruses.
> And so it begins...
> Happy new year, y`all! Looks like its going to be a fun one!
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