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David Hart DavidHart at TQMcube.com
Thu Jan 1 16:10:35 GMT 2004

On Thu, 2004-01-01 at 08:43, Tod D. Ihde wrote:

Thanks. Your reply is extremely helpful!

> Look into DJBDNS, your bandwidth, memory, diskspace, and response times 
> will all improve. (I plug it when I can, I'm a big fan).
That's been a todo for awhile now. It's funny; The Kernel, Apache,
Postfix and other key apps are custom installed from source. When it
comes to DNS, I become an RPM-addicted nitwit because I don't know what
I don't know.

>You need to accept UDP to 53 from any in-bailiwick ( 
> "authoritative") server. For example, f your server is looking up dns 
> info for dshield.org, it must accept UDP packets from dshield.org.
OK. Then there is no applicable (IPTables) firewall rule other than
"Accept" DPT=53?
> Allowing ALL incoming packets FROM udp port 53 means that ANY UDP 
> datagram can get through your firewall, as long as the source port is 
> 53. Probably not what you intended.
That makes abundant sense. Presumably then, I want to limit to DPT >
32000 and < ???? Any suggestions?

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