[Dshield] Drop off in attacks

Doug White doug at clickdoug.com
Fri Jan 2 04:33:18 GMT 2004

Not so lucky here - still getting the usual quantity of
135-137-139-445-1433-17300, etc
In fact receiving an upsurge of multi-port scanning from all over

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Subject: [Dshield] Drop off in attacks

| Happy New Year to you all.
| Has anyone else noticed an extreme drop off in the number of 'blocked'
| packets at their firewall (from the Internet)?
| I have a firewall here that would normally show a cycle of blocked
| packets, oscillating between a high and low point over a 24 hour period.
| However starting at about midnight GMT+11 I have observed a very
| significant drop in the blocked packet rate such that now, some 32 hours
| later, the blocked packet rate is about a quarter what it was.
| Has anyone seen a similar effect?
| I have 3 lines of thought that might explain this:
| 1. People have been switching off their (infected) machines
| for the New Years holiday.
| 2. Script kiddies take the NY holidays as well.
| 3. Various virii & worms are expiring at midnight
| 31-12-2003.
| Thoughts/Comments?
| Regards all,
| BenR.
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