[Dshield] d-link router and security

Josh Tolley josh at raintreeinc.com
Fri Jan 2 16:50:04 GMT 2004

Keith Bergen wrote:

> Melvin,
> I am a firm believer that no system should be connected to a Cable or DSL
> line without a NAT router. The NAT router can protect you from port scans
> and attacks. You are on the right track. I hear that D-Link make a good and
> inexpensive router. I use Linksys myself.
> Hope this helps,
> Keith.

I'll second Keith - I wouldn't turn any computer on without a NAT device 
in front of it (unless of course the computer in question *was* the NAT 
device). With the exception of a couple DHCP problems I've had under 
extraordinary circumstances, my D-Link router has been very nice. It's a 
wireless router, and the wireless configuration doesn't allow me some 
things I'd really *really* like, such as turning off SSID broadcast, but 
generally speaking, it's been very good.


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