[Dshield] Drop off in attacks

Josh Tolley josh at raintreeinc.com
Fri Jan 2 16:54:07 GMT 2004

Benjamin Robson wrote:

> Happy New Year to you all.
> Has anyone else noticed an extreme drop off in the number of 'blocked'
> packets at their firewall (from the Internet)?

I, unfortunately, don't have access to my corporate firewall logs (yet) 
but my spam filter has been much less busy over the holidays. Yesterday 
I got slightly over half the amount of spam I typically get in a day. So 
I'll agree that people are turning off their infected PCs for the 
holidays. I wouldn't be surprised if various virii went out with the old 
year, but I think today's spam stats will show that spam virii weren't 
among them. Maybe, though, we have here a solution (or at least part of 
one) to the spam problem: make every day a holiday. If no one goes in to 
work, their computers are off, and not sending me email.


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