[Dshield] d-link router and security (also Netgear)

Jonathan C. Webster jwebster03 at snet.net
Fri Jan 2 21:27:48 GMT 2004

Josh Tolley wrote:
> Keith Bergen wrote:
>>  I hear that D-Link make a 
>> good and
>> inexpensive router. I use Linksys myself.
>> Keith.
> I'll second Keith -  

  my D-Link router has been very nice. It's a
> wireless router, and the wireless configuration doesn't allow me some 
> things I'd really *really* like, such as turning off SSID broadcast, but 
> generally speaking, it's been very good.
> Josh
Hello all, and Happy New Year,
I'm new to this list and I have not searched the archives.
But if anyone has anything good or bad to say about the NetGear FVS318 router, I'd  like to hear it. 
  That was the only router I could find that admitted on the box that it would work with a UNIX ( 
Linux really) network.
I did write a little perl script to convert the NetGear  logs to Dshield format.


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