[Dshield] Help: DNS (53)

Tod D. Ihde toon at warmerbythelake.com
Sat Jan 3 20:04:58 GMT 2004

David Hart wrote,

 >While I did not mention it, that was really what started this thread.
 >BTW, it carried forward into Fedora.
 >I installed TinyDNS today which requires patching (including the two
 >other required programs) to get it to run on RH or Fedora. Frankly, it
 >seems to consume more resources than Bind as an external cache and I
 >just wasn't comfortable with it and the numerous error messages on the
 >builds. Back to bind.

David, sorry, I missed your reply (one of the problems with getting the 
digest format in mozilla, I skim a lot & miss things, sorry).

You had to patch tinydns? I've compiled it on a couple different 
platforms (including redhat) & never had to install a patch. what patch 
did you have to install?

Yeah, the only "supported configuration" requires daemontools, which 
bugs me. At least they're small, and extremely stable. I won't defend 
them beyond that, they annoy me too. :)

Consumes more resources? Defaults are maximum of 4MB of memory, tuneable 
via the command line. Disk space is kept to a minimum with CDB (the 
database format), and any query requires at most 2 head seeks (again 
thanks to the database format) (I may be wrong, it may be 3 seeks)... 
Unlike BIND which must load each zone into memory, tinydns maps the file 
directly from disk, using no more than the amount of memory you specify 
(it dies off if it starts leaking memory, and is restarted immediately).

What error messages were you getting? I hate losing people from DJB, so 
I'm more than willing to help diagnose any problems you might be having.

In any event, this is also off topic (I'm really good at that), feel 
free to contact me off-list if you'd like.


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