[Dshield] Rise in UCE

Michael Leone loki at psu.edu
Sun Jan 4 04:35:45 GMT 2004

Has anyone else seen a major rise in spam (UCE) in the past few days? Even 
that this looks like a spike to an original incline of spam in the last few 

Alot of these messages also contain W32.Klez - This some sort of attack? Or 
just general misbehavior from the peanut gallery?  Most contain pornography 
sites messages which get quite disgusting, including very nasty images as 
well. Anything I can do to stop this flood?

I can't change my E-mail address and Eudora has a junk mail folder, but it 
doesn't seem to do very good job. It puts good messages in the junk while 
sending bad messages to the inbox.(to my knowledge you can't configure the 
Eudora junk filter) I also don't want to spend any money, spending money is 
worse than receiving spam.

Any Ideas?

Mike Leone

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