[Dshield] Rise in UCE

Doug White doug at clickdoug.com
Sun Jan 4 05:19:45 GMT 2004

While I have seen a spike in Klez virus infected (Microsoft patch and variants)
today, I have seen an 80% drop in UCE since December 19/  Most of the remaining
spam is Ralskey controlled sites touting drugs.

December 18 report:
1481   received
    842   delivered
      3   forwarded
     16   deferred  (207  deferrals)
     28   bounced
    636   rejected

January 3 report:
1740   received
   1632   delivered
      0   forwarded
      0   deferred
      2   bounced
    108   rejected

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From: "Michael Leone" <loki at psu.edu>
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Sent: Saturday, January 03, 2004 10:35 PM
Subject: [Dshield] Rise in UCE

| Has anyone else seen a major rise in spam (UCE) in the past few days? Even
| that this looks like a spike to an original incline of spam in the last few
| months.
| Alot of these messages also contain W32.Klez - This some sort of attack? Or
| just general misbehavior from the peanut gallery?  Most contain pornography
| sites messages which get quite disgusting, including very nasty images as
| well. Anything I can do to stop this flood?
| I can't change my E-mail address and Eudora has a junk mail folder, but it
| doesn't seem to do very good job. It puts good messages in the junk while
| sending bad messages to the inbox.(to my knowledge you can't configure the
| Eudora junk filter) I also don't want to spend any money, spending money is
| worse than receiving spam.
| Any Ideas?
| Thanks,
| Mike Leone
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