[Dshield] Rise in UCE

Michael Leone loki at psu.edu
Sun Jan 4 16:25:23 GMT 2004

well I don't have any figures to back anything up. But I have a Penn State 
Email account which I use for almost everything. But PSU is too cheap to 
put up any sort of good anti-spam solutions. Most every other isp I have 
either used, owned, or worked with has had some sort of spam filter. I see, 
however, more of a ratio every day from the ratio of real emails to junk mail.

I would say back in January 2003 I would get 2 spam messages for every 80 
normal e-mail message per day (checked every ten minutes).
By August 2003, I would get 15 for every 80 normal e-mail messages.
By this month I am receiving 7 spam messages for every 3 normal e-mails.

90% for pornography, 10% for illegal drugs.

I will definitely try Netscape 7.1 for E-mail - Anybody else have any 
ideas? I wish the Netgear's and Linksys' had spam-blocking Soho routers.

At 12:19 AM 1/4/2004, you wrote:
>While I have seen a spike in Klez virus infected (Microsoft patch and 
>today, I have seen an 80% drop in UCE since December 19/  Most of the 
>spam is Ralskey controlled sites touting drugs.
>December 18 report:
>1481   received
>     842   delivered
>       3   forwarded
>      16   deferred  (207  deferrals)
>      28   bounced
>     636   rejected
>January 3 report:
>1740   received
>    1632   delivered
>       0   forwarded
>       0   deferred
>       2   bounced
>     108   rejected

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