[Dshield] Signature-based defense in '03/'04

Mrcorp mrcorp at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 6 16:56:16 GMT 2004

I feel this question is a 'depends'.  There is no silver bullet in security that does everything
and helps identify, contain, report and catch the attacker.  But when we layer security, thats
when we get more of the big picture.  

I think we are still off from anything other than signature based.  Sure, snort and some others
are working towards it, but in the end, there are signatures that are compared to the traffic. 
Without picking a vendor, choose one that compliments or fills a void that your other security
products may have left open.

I know this sounds like a fotune cookie, but there isnt a better product just being, but a better
product for YOUR environment.


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