[Dshield] DShield vs. Symantec

Dave Hatz davehatz at hatzventures.org
Wed Jan 7 20:03:08 GMT 2004

You mentioned "use a managed service to monitor and remediate in real time
(blocking attacking subnets, etc)".  Could you please provide the names of
these companies that provide such a service and that you would recommend?


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> It is not fair to try to compare the two, I am proposing both to my
> superiors.  In regards to reporting and remediation I do this.  At
> I suggest using Dshield for reporting, statistics and remediation (unless
> you take pleasure in sending fightback letters).  I suggest it to any
> business that has internet connectivity (what else are you going to do
> the firewall logs?).  If your business "host" anything, especially
> e-commerce, it would be wise to use a managed service to monitor and
> remediate in real time (blocking attacking subnets, etc) and use the
> (instead of managed service) to relieve the cost of fightback, use
> data to double-check the managed service, let the service do the real-time
> issues and alerts (I don't think Johannes is going to call anyone at 3am
> alert).  FYI, there is going to be a huge surge in managed security
> (verisign just bought some big manage service company) In one case of
> firewall/IDS/IPS (powerwall) they package the managed service to maintain
> real-time.  The critical thing is "who" you are letting manage your
> (symantec has stringent hiring process).  Dshield does not do anything to
> your network, it is a reporting tool, where managed services will be "in
> your network devices" changing config or rules as needed in real time.
> Another way to look at it, if you can't afford managed services, you can
> least setup Dshield while you wait for next budget.
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> John (2¢)
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> >Subject: [Dshield] DShield vs. Symantec
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> >
> >So, I've got this salesman from Symantec attempting to sell me (or,
> >the organization for which I work) a subscription to their DeepSight
> >Management System.
> >
> >For those of you who are not familar with DeepSight, basically Symantec's
> >analysts take data from about 20k contributors in 180 countries (IDS
> >traffic data, etc.) and perform trend analysis (sound familiar?).  I
> >suppose this question is directed mostly towards Johannes...as far as
> >a data source...how does dShield stack up against those numbers?
> >
> >Also...for anyone familiar with DeepSight, or using their services, how
> >useful have you found them to be?  Worth the money or not?  Do they
> >anything which you are unable to do yourself?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Pete
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