[Dshield] Norton Antivirus slowness explained

Eric Tillery k6az at k6az.com
Thu Jan 8 22:54:51 GMT 2004

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>Subject: [Dshield] Norton Antivirus slowness explained
>Looks like Verisign is to blame:
>         http://slashdot.org/articles/04/01/08/1849245.shtml
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Thanks for passing along the link. This was the final straw for me as far as
Symantec products are concerned.

My version of Norton Anti Virus was 2002. I did not check to see if it was
affecting MS Word, but when I booted this machine, it would take two or
three minutes to load. Another interesting effect was it was causing a 30
second delay displaying the right click context menu on files. These problems
began after I installed this intelligent update file:


This was last Friday's update file.

The bottom line here for me on this stand alone machine is I removed both
Norton Anti Virus and Personal Firewall. I am not using AVG anti virus and
Zone Alarm, and the two combined use less than 40% of the resources the
Norton package did. So long Symantec.

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