[Dshield] re your post I had occasional problems, until I disabled

James Beran jberan at sicomm.net
Fri Jan 9 08:05:23 GMT 2004


You mention below "disabling"

<!-- BEGIN Popup Blocker -->

How do you do that? I would really like to disable it.

I never turned it on that I know of.
I am running win2000. I ONLY GET THIS USING IE. 
netscape 7.1 does not have a problem.

Thanks for any help.

James Beran
VP/CIO Sicommnet, Inc



I had occasional problems, until I disabled the popup alerts that ZAP
sticks at the top of each page - then all pages work AOK.

It's rather annoying, since instead of working 'correctly' and actually
checking for new windows, all ZAP does is sticks:

	<!-- BEGIN Popup Blocker -->
		<script language='javascript'>
		function NS_NullWindow(){this.window;}
		function NS_NewOpen(url,nam,atr){return(new
	<!-- END Popup Blocker -->

at the top of the page, therefore it breaks several sites I've been to
(JavaScript error at line 1/2/3, etc).  Dead annoying - so I disabled

Peter Street
Web Developer / Manager
LazerFX Productions
www.lazerfx.co.uk (Under Construction)

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