[Dshield] Root certificates

Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at sans.org
Fri Jan 9 12:46:17 GMT 2004

> Does anybody have any experience with the following ones:
> www.geotrust.com

using them for a number of domains here (e.g. https://secure.dshield.org
;-)  )

I think I had a support question for them once and it was resolved
within 24 hrs. I don't remember ever calling them. The order process
is very simple and price is ok ($120/year I think).

Had no complaints from users so far. Note, that for the cheap cert,
they do not show your organization name in the certificate, but just
a link to a web site.

> www.instantssl.com

I use their certs for 'recreational use' (https://secure.euclidian.com)
to experiment. Haven't had an issue with them so far. For $50 they are
probably the cheapest place around.

Never used the others...

The main issue to pay attention to is browser compatibility.

"InstantSSL" (aka 'Comodo') derives itself from a CyberTrust Root CA
which I think is included in most browsers.

"Geotrust" used to be part of Equifax and is derived directly from
the Equifax CA. Being able to skip the extra step may be a good
thing. (compared to Instant SSL)

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