[Dshield] Root certificates

Ruigrok , Jeroen jeroen_ruigrok at epson-europe.com
Fri Jan 9 14:06:45 GMT 2004

> "InstantSSL" (aka 'Comodo') derives itself from a CyberTrust Root CA
> which I think is included in most browsers.

Seems to work out of the box on Windows XP with Firebird.

> "Geotrust" used to be part of Equifax and is derived directly from
> the Equifax CA. Being able to skip the extra step may be a good
> thing. (compared to Instant SSL)

Works as well.

Mmm, is the extra step such a bad thing?  I mean, how many users _really_
concern themselves with the real certificate stuff?

Jeroen Ruigrok <jeroen_ruigrok at epson-europe.com>

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