[Dshield] Root certificates

Rick Klinge rick at jaray.net
Fri Jan 9 15:13:16 GMT 2004

Here's a link that will let you install a new cert on client machiens
That use internet explorer 5.0 etc.. To bad it won't auto import.. But 
If you open it from the web then you can do the wizard.



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> > "InstantSSL" (aka 'Comodo') derives itself from a 
> CyberTrust Root CA 
> > which I think is included in most browsers.
> Seems to work out of the box on Windows XP with Firebird.
> > "Geotrust" used to be part of Equifax and is derived 
> directly from the 
> > Equifax CA. Being able to skip the extra step may be a good thing. 
> > (compared to Instant SSL)
> Works as well.
> Mmm, is the extra step such a bad thing?  I mean, how many 
> users _really_ concern themselves with the real certificate stuff?

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