[Dshield] Re: Blocking IP's from Certain Countries

John Groseclose iain at caradoc.org
Fri Jan 9 17:35:31 GMT 2004

mbwior at cox.net writes: 

> Does anyone have an idea as to how I would block out certain countries from gaining access to my demo server? 
> The situation is this, we have a demo server that we allow anonymous users to hook up to and download our software for use on a trial basis.  
> However the use of our software does not extend itself to use in other countries; nor do we want it to go there for reverse engineering and copyright purposes. 

See http://www.blackholes.us - they've got quite a few countries broken out 
by IP ranges. 

This will not guarantee that someone can't get to your software, though. 
There is nothing that would prevent someone in one of those countries from 
bouncing through some luser's wide-open proxy and hitting you anyway. 

Over the last two months, I've come to the conclusion that people who fall 
for the "Install this Microsoft security patch" and compromise their own 
machines should simply be denied access to any sort of computer. Forever. 

It's not like these are "new" problems, after all.

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