[Dshield] Blocking IP's from Certain Countries

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Fri Jan 9 19:41:31 GMT 2004

Setting aside the inherent impossibility of preventing any digital
content from being distributed only to certain people and not others,
you could use a DNSBL such as countries.nerd.dk which provide
IP-to-country DNS mapping.



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Does anyone have an idea as to how I would block out certain countries
from gaining access to my demo server?

The situation is this, we have a demo server that we allow anonymous
users to hook up to and download our software for use on a trial basis. 

However the use of our software does not extend itself to use in other
countries; nor do we want it to go there for reverse engineering and
copyright purposes. 

Any ideas?

Thanks for all help in advance,

Michael Wior
Ipro Tech 


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