[Dshield] Does ring any bell?

warpmedia warpmedia at comcast.net
Sat Jan 10 04:19:43 GMT 2004

Exactly, backweb is content push technology for updates.

At 12:19 1/9/2004, Kenton Smith wrote:
>Unless the Backweb that you're talking about is different from the
>Backweb that's running on my Compaq servers, this information is
>Backweb is like Windows Update. It allows your HP/Compaq machine to
>check and see what updates, patches, notices, etc. are available for
>your machine. It in no way allows HP/Compaq back-door access to your
>computer. There are applications that allow this (similar to Dell's
>Remote Assistance) but they are not installed on consumer systems that
>I'm aware of.

Joshua MacCraw
warpmedia at comcast.net

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