[Dshield] Spam Problem

Brad Spencer brad.madison at mail.tds.net
Mon Jan 12 16:42:43 GMT 2004

At 08:05 AM 1/12/2004 -0800, you wrote:

>I'm interested in compiling and analysing data on methods used by 
>spammers...can you suggest any sound resources?

There's no "one-stop" source I can think of.  I'm confused.  Saying "data" 
and "analysing" suggests a statistical approach (which I think is a great 
thing to do.)  Are you looking for numeric data or are you looking for 
narrative data: descriptions of the various spamming techniques?  There are 
people whose knowledge so dwarfs mine (Steve Linford and Alan Brown are two 
that come to mind) that mentioning me in the same context is laughable.

I think proxypots generate what could become wonderful numeric data (as do 
open relay honeypots, for those spammers still sending open-relay-abusing 
spam.)  The problem is that there are so few of these traps that the sample 
isn't likely to be representative.

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