[Dshield] SMTP DNS record question

Rick Klinge rick at jaray.net
Mon Jan 12 17:04:57 GMT 2004

Could you be a little more specific to the question.. IE: post the ip
address to which you are having problems sending mail to?  If you are only
having problems sending to that 1 email server .. Then guess what?

David,  I don't think he's having problems with sending mail to
dnsstuff.com/declude.com.  Dnsstuff.com allows folks to perform gui based
dns queries for troubleshooting.. Etc.


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> On Mon, 2004-01-12 at 11:42, Richard Roy wrote:
> > I am working to debug why I am having difficulties sending 
> to a customer
> > email.  I have implemented a new firewall, and spam 
> blocker, and have
> > yet to be able to point to either as the root of the 
> problem.  So for
> > grins, I went to www.dnsstuff.com and did a querry on them. 
>  They have 3
> > MX records, MX0, MX1, MX2 all with different hosts and IP addresses.
> I show just one MX (mail.dnsstuff.com) which, in turn, is handled by a
> spam handler, declude.com which, in turn, uses imail, which in turn is
> one terrible MTA which, in turn, is probably the problem ;-)
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