[Dshield] RE: Micro$oft rebooted my server

Steve ITmanager at rjl-pensions.com
Wed Jan 14 13:29:29 GMT 2004

New Microsoft update last night updated my server which is fine.

But the log on the update shows that it rebooted my server without notice.
The log says, 

"Event Type:	Information
Event Source:	Automatic Updates
Event Category:	Installation 
Event ID:	22
Date:		1/14/2004
Time:		8:05:11 AM
User:		N/A
Computer:	SERVER
Restart Required: To complete the installation of the following updates, the
computer will be restarted within five minutes. Until this computer has been
restarted, Windows cannot search for or download new updates.
- Security Update for Microsoft Data Access Components (KB832483)"

And sure enough, server was sitting at logon screen this morning.

Now I haven't seen this type of update before. Is this a security issue?

Why the heck did it reboot on It's own? Without my permission :-)

I'm off to search for the answer, just wanted to posit this real quick, and
see if anyone else had this happen.



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