[Dshield] submitting reports

Deb Hale haled at pionet.net
Wed Jan 14 14:40:09 GMT 2004

Seeing the same thing here. Starting just after midnight. I have submitted
the logs.


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I'm receiving Sub 7 attacks from several different sources to my Sonicwall
which is managed by Sonicwall global management system, so I cannot use 
kiwi syslog deamon. Is there any way to submit these kind of logs or is it
possible to provide list of sources via email? there is about 30 different
sources that are attacking and yesterdays log shows 14 000 sub seven
attacks. Because there is so many sources I can't contact operators by
myself . If you can't help me with this problem perhaps you know some other
community that can ? 

example log from SGMS

01/13/2004 23:24:24 Sub Seven Attack Dropped

01/13/2004 23:24:24 Sub Seven Attack Dropped

01/13/2004 23:24:24 Sub Seven Attack Dropped


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