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Tom Liston tliston at premmag.com
Wed Jan 14 17:45:34 GMT 2004

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I wouold go with a hardware device.  There are a lot of different ones 
available.  Representative devices (no endorsement... never used one...):



Should be undetectable unless he goes looking for it.

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On 14 Jan 2004 at 12:26, Johannes B. Ullrich wrote:

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> I usually don't post anonymous requests like this. But I know
> the poster and this is 'legit'.
>   ju
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> I have a dilemma and I need some direction from the talented members of the
> DShield security organization.  We have a fairly senior manager that is
> being suspected of doing things not within the scope of the job, so to
> speak.  The bosses have asked me to install a keystroke logger onto this
> person's system, which I don't have an issue doing.  I don't know what to
> install on it that won't be detected easily by Anti virus.  This person is
> fairly savvy when it comes to their system so it has to be very stealthy. 
> I will also use ethereal to trap packets for further detail but this
> keystroke logger is a bit new to me.  Any suggestions?
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