[Dshield] good keystroke logger

Jay S. Kelley jkelley at fhcn.org
Wed Jan 14 17:37:32 GMT 2004

I would recommend a hardware keystroker that uses no software/resources.
Problem is that it will be visible if he/she looks behind the computer.
This is what our department has been using and is very effective logging
about 65,000 keystrokes.


Jay Kelley

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I usually don't post anonymous requests like this. But I know
the poster and this is 'legit'.


I have a dilemma and I need some direction from the talented members of
the DShield security organization.  We have a fairly senior manager that
is being suspected of doing things not within the scope of the job, so
to speak.  The bosses have asked me to install a keystroke logger onto
this person's system, which I don't have an issue doing.  I don't know
what to install on it that won't be detected easily by Anti virus.  This
person is fairly savvy when it comes to their system so it has to be
very stealthy.  I will also use ethereal to trap packets for further
detail but this keystroke logger is a bit new to me.  Any suggestions?


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