[Dshield] DDoS by spam-bounces & DSL blacklists

Pete Cap peteoutside at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 15 17:44:15 GMT 2004

When I first read this, I disagreed entirely.
On second thought, however, if you're arguing for a departure from the "Hole's plugged, Miller time!" mentality more towards a proactive "Go out and get 'em" approach, at least for some of us, then I agree.
It's interesting that M$ put out a bounty on the authors of Welchia / Nachi / Blaster ... if law enforcement is dragging its heels on tracking down offenders, why not hire someone to do it?
Could you train a bounty hunter or private detective to be computer savvy?  Could you make a bounty hunter or PI out of a security professional?

"Bruyere, Michel" <mbruyere at ezemcanada.com> wrote:

> It always will be a good policy to secure systems - I don't argue against
> that. But the way to make rapid progress is to go after the abusers.
I agree with that, but the regulations vary from around the world, what is
illegal here is legal there... So before things like this could be achieved,
there's a need to set worldwide regulations. This is actually impossible


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