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RE: [Dshield] good keystroke logger?

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| Well if management is interested tell them to get this program,
| Spector 5.0 www.spectorsoft.com I highly recommend it. It will record
| keystrokes, screen captures, email, chat programs, and web/network
| activity. 
| This prog is completely stealth, "wont be detected by any of the
| antivirus or spybot progs" - it will capture data to a remote
| location like your sever if you wish.

Steve et al.


Please take into consideration possible legal aspects, and secure that
you have proof of authorisation for the special 'audit'. Something may
go wrong or the logging may be exposed.

Please check whether the product is stealthy or not. As opposed to
advertisements, it may be detected in more than one way. Please find
further below just one example of possible detection.

Please find below a tiny extract from the web page of one anti-Malware
vendor's web page:

Summary: Key Logger. Runs silently, captures screenshots. Contains some
code used in the Ghost Keylogger.

<huge snip>

Detection and Removal 
Automatic Removal: PestPatrol detects this.
PestPatrol removes this.

Research By: PestPatrol's Pest Research Center
Last Revised: January 12, 2004 
Copyright: C 2004 PestPatrol, Inc. All rights reserved. 
Will include URL for further details for your convenience:


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