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Justin breakdown at ninjalane.com
Thu Jan 15 20:55:00 GMT 2004

Re: good keystroke logger

Ladies and Gentleman,

	I am in no way affiliated with this company  :)


	This software logs keystrokes and if you use the rename feature
during install and install it into a directory that has nothing to do with
keyloggers, I think you'll find it is undetectable by Ad-Aware, Spybot s&d,
and not in any process list or add/remove programs.  Pest Patrol and NAV2004
(but not 2003 or previous) do find it however.  You can have it ftp or
e-mail logs, including Screenshots, keystrokes (can log keys that don't
produce characters as well), websites and clipboard pasting.  You can set
the software to delete logs after sending to reduce the presence :).  I've
found on a sub-2ghz machine the screenshot feature noticeably bogs down the
computer, and user complains.  I've never had this software detected by even
advanced users without PestPatrol or NAV2004.

	As always, review your company policy, state, local, and federal law
before preceding.  

Good luck!

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