[Dshield] good keystroke logger

Steve ITmanager at rjl-pensions.com
Thu Jan 15 22:09:19 GMT 2004

Well it seems like there is no fail-safe solution to this problem. Every
option has it's pros and con's. I prefer the software based version rather
than a hardware piece. 

In response to pest patrol, how widely distributed is this program? I had
never heard of it till today, I mainly hear about spybot, and ad aware.

Also, if you are management then you are in control of what your users
install/access/uninstall etc, right?

As far as legal ramifications-- that goes without saying for all of these
devices. I think Johannes posted a reply to my question earlier in the year
about the scanning and consent laws, depends on state, country, etc.

To my knowledge, spector has not been detected, I have used it continuously
for over a period of 6 months. The reason why I do like it is because it is
very very easy to use and understand in terms of data viewing/collecting.

The only exposure that I can think of is if the key sequence is pressed,
this can be changed from normal sequence.

I do take all of your comments into consideration and they are helpful,
thanks for the info on pest patrol.

Let me know if anyone has heard of this prog before or if they think it is
widely used.

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| Well if management is interested tell them to get this program, 
| Spector 5.0 www.spectorsoft.com I highly recommend it. It will record 
| keystrokes, screen captures, email, chat programs, and web/network 
| activity.
| This prog is completely stealth, "wont be detected by any of the 
| antivirus or spybot progs" - it will capture data to a remote location 
| like your sever if you wish.

Steve et al.


Please take into consideration possible legal aspects, and secure that you
have proof of authorisation for the special 'audit'. Something may go wrong
or the logging may be exposed.

Please check whether the product is stealthy or not. As opposed to
advertisements, it may be detected in more than one way. Please find further
below just one example of possible detection.

Please find below a tiny extract from the web page of one anti-Malware
vendor's web page:

Summary: Key Logger. Runs silently, captures screenshots. Contains some code
used in the Ghost Keylogger.

<huge snip>

Detection and Removal
Automatic Removal: PestPatrol detects this.
PestPatrol removes this.

Research By: PestPatrol's Pest Research Center
Last Revised: January 12, 2004
Copyright: C 2004 PestPatrol, Inc. All rights reserved. 
Will include URL for further details for your convenience:


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