[Dshield] how to take down a 'bot-net' ?

BarkerJr barkerjr at barkerjr.net
Sun Jan 18 16:05:01 GMT 2004

Format or whatever and then email them.

>From their site ( http://webchat.org/kline.html ):

> Who do I get in touch with to complain?
> If for some reason you believe you were incorrectly disconnected from the
WebChat IRC network you can do a few things. You may email kline at webchat.org
with a copy of the AutoKill Message, your IP > Address, and a description of
what happened. If the autokill has expired, you may go to #klineteam on WebChat
to also receive information.

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My name is Hillary an I live in Malaysia. I'm desperatly need help about my Ip
Recently my friend had download a "mirc bot", the problem is after that i cant
remove it from my system, so to make it fast i had duplicate "ghost" my pc with
the other one...
 the problem now is, if i run the mirc, i cant connect with the webchat.org
server.... and lastly, they told me that my IP is keep flooding... n some of my
friend say, there are bot attached and had take control my IP address...
 I really need help on this problem.... please...

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