[Dshield] ISPs - How much monitoring is enough?

Alan Frayer afrayer at frayernet.com
Sun Jan 18 17:11:42 GMT 2004

On Sun, 2004-01-18 at 11:42, Kenneth Coney wrote:

> I fail to see any legal justification for an ISP to scan/or attempt access 
> to a customers machine without a specific consent.  From my perspective it 
> is exactly the same as hiring a courier to deliver your mail from the mail 
> box to the post office and back (or a gardener to mow your lawn), then one 
> day catching that person trying to peek in your windows at the back of the 
> house or try your doors.  Another analogy would be an owner of a small home 
> in the center of someone else's property who uses the large owners driveway 
> to access the smaller owner's property.  Again, upon discovering the large 
> property owner entering curtilage and peering in windows and trying doors, 
> guess who is going to quickly be arrested/sued/fired (if not simply shot)?
> Smarter IMHO would be for the ISP to passively monitor what crosses the 
> borders they control, then contact the owner/customer if there is a problem.

Not that I necessarily disagree with you, but remember it is a common
practice for business landlords to hire security personnel, who wander
sidewalks and hallways, rattling doors to make sure they're properly
shut or locked, and calling authorities when they find a door that is
not secure. That analogy fits this example as well.


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