[Dshield] A well crafted PayPal forgery...

Jon R. Kibler Jon.Kibler at aset.com
Mon Jan 19 02:17:58 GMT 2004

"Jon R. Kibler" wrote:
> WOW!
> The scammers are getting better and better!
> Looking at the message, the first thing that raised any suspicion was that the email originated from AOL. But if you trace back the Received: headers, they trace 'properly' back to PayPal. It could easily fool anyone that didn't have a lot of experience looking at such data.
> The only give-away that it was a forgery was the fact the 'verify' link took you to a site in Japan.
> Apologies for the HTML attachment, but you REALLY have to see this one... it is INCREDIBLE!

Well, I hate to reply to my own message, but the HTML got stripped from the original posting. Therefore, I posted the original email, with full headers and body, at:

I cleaned up the MIME and email headers enough to get it to display correctly in Netscape. Hope it works in other browsers...

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