[Dshield] Bogus Habeas header in emails, thwarting spam software

BarkerJr barkerjr at barkerjr.net
Mon Jan 19 21:41:51 GMT 2004

> Some spammers have figured out how to forge the HABEAS headers and have
> begun inserting them into their spam messages.  To counteract this threat,
> perform the following steps as noted in our Knowledge Base Article #
> KBA-01537
> (http://www.altn.com/support/knowledge_base.asp?product_id=MDaemon)

In regards to this and the habeas blacklist, this blacklist has been useful.
SpamAssassin checks all emails that contain the habeas headers against the
habeas blacklist and gives them 18 points.  So, most spams containing the
headers get an additional 18 points rather than being whitelisted.

Remember to report any spam with habeas headers to http://www.habeas.com/report/
for their blacklist and legal action.

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