[Dshield] Acceptable use policy at Telus.net

Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at sans.org
Tue Jan 20 11:52:19 GMT 2004

> Is that a new attitude amongst ISPs or something they should have been doing for a 
> long time?

Its something they should be doing a long time ;-).

I actually think overall, the policy is not that different from other
ISPs. However, I like that everything looks clearly spelled out.

The policy sounds quite strict, and I would hope that they are going to
apply good judgment in shutting sites down (or not). But a clause like
this one:

"at the sole discretion of TELUS and without notice to the Customer,
result in the immediate (1) restriction, suspension or termination of
the Customer's use of the Communication Services"

makes sense if you have a DDOS in progress and and a host in your
network being used to control it.

In particular the clause that they will work with other ISPs is nice. I
don't think I remember seeing that before. But a lot of the time (e.g.
if there is an IRC server controlling a DDOS), the ISP that is hosting
the IRC server doesn't feel any "operational impact", so they do rely on
someone else telling them "hey, we are being DDOS'ed, and you could help
us by shutting off that IRC server".

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