[Dshield] Another New Yahoo Attempt

Mrcorp mrcorp at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 20 12:19:23 GMT 2004

Another Yahoo goofy email.  Seems I am a target these days....  Anyone who thinks for a second
knows that Yahoo is not their ISP, but details below... I got a copy of the install program, I
will disect later and post results.  Doesnt look like anything new technically, just a new


Virus Alert 
From: yahoo.com's Internet Virus Department 

We have detected a possible computer virus on your computer, You must open the details of the
report within 24 hours our we will be forced to shut down your internet service. 

Please Click Below Then Press "open" To View The Report If you do not open this report in 24 hours
we will suspend your internet service If nothing apears on your virus report please dis-regard
this message

Click Here Now


By clicking, it redirects you to: http://yahoo.com @duj0u5zb26r00zaj0d.etsjoy.com/special2/

Which is duj0u5zb26r00zaj0d.etsjoy.com/special2/
Strange URL...  Downloads or installs page.hta

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