[Dshield] Acceptable use policy at Telus.net

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>Hello all
>My ISP (telus.net) seems to take matters into their hands when it comes to preventing 
>their users to from doing anything "bad". Or at least that's what they state in their new 
>acceptable use policy: http://www.mytelus.com/internet/nv/aup.do
>Is that a new attitude amongst ISPs or something they should have been doing for a 
>long time?
>Yet, they'll have to prove how efficient they'll be at enforcing such policy.

Well, take a look at the AUP of this ISP then.

Bear in mind that it is a Scientology/Scientologist operated ISP, and the
psych bashing is therefore expected.

Example from the AUP where they are clearly rabid against psychiatry :-)

"Such institutions turn out criminals and perverts of an unthinkable
nature on an alarming rate so were really not out of line in
streetproofing our kids and ourselves against it."


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