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Doug White doug at clickdoug.com
Tue Jan 20 15:06:01 GMT 2004

While that might be popular with a few, I doubt it will do much more than make
enemies of the end-users who do not spam, and may not have another choice for a
provider.  Since the majority of the offending IP numbers are compromised
machines, I would rather encourage ISPs to engage in a publicity program to
encourage their end users to properly secure their machines.  This could well be
a customer relations coup for the provider.
There are major ISPs, such as Comcast, attbi, RoadRunner to name a few who have
experimented with a number of methods of spam control, with some of them causing
a reduction of service to their customers.  Some of the methods used were not so
well thought out resulting in them having to back off in some cases.

Blacklisting offending IP numbers has been the most effective, thus far, even
though it is not a complete solution.  I would rather see a financial penalty
for the ISP to get removed from a black list, which would increase the pressure
on them to better respond to complaints.

Many will remember the infamous Usenet death penalty when the net was much
smaller.  Even that is not used any more.

my 0.02, your mileage may vary

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: Hey guys!
: Due to the increasing ISP's who does not care about abuse coming up from
: users of them, I would like to create an organztion that will be mostly
: contains ISP's and users with servers, so when an ISP wound`t take care of
: her users and her users are abusing _any one_ of our members, after the
: agreemnt of all, all the members in it will block the ISP and forward there
: users to a page explaing why he cant access this server.
: When a user can't go many servers, he will want to change provider - and
: this is NOT something ANY provider will wish, so, if the provider will be
: blocked in many servers they will have to do something about it.
: What do you guys think?
: A litle vote: If I had a server, will I've been joining that kind of
: organztion?
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