[Dshield] An Abuse-Free internet organzation

Hanke Penning hanke.penning at iap.de
Tue Jan 20 15:55:26 GMT 2004

Hello, out there!

> I would like to create an organztion that will be mostly
> contains ISP's and users with servers, so when an ISP wound`t take care of
> her users and her users are abusing _any one_ of our members, after the
> agreemnt of all, all the members in it will block the ISP and forward there
> users to a page explaing why he cant access this server.

It seems to be something like SPEWS.ORG, but in more general manner.
Sounds nice: But, when looking at t-dialin.net (a division of the german 
TELEKOM), you can send complains over and over. Nothing ever happens on 
abuse#t-dialin.net. They argue that it is not their fault and that they 
can send only a warning message to the user (german laws will prevent 

If the blocked IP-Range is big (for example: I block Korea, Taiwan, 
Hongkong, telesp.br, XO and Roadrunner) the user from that ISP will never 
believe that *their* ISP in question is the reason (!) for blocking.

And what are criterias for blocking? 10 unsolved troubletickets, 100 open 
proxies, 1000 spammails?

Excuse for my poor english, greetings

	Hanke Penning

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