[Dshield] stolen credit card

Darren darren at dshield.org
Tue Jan 20 20:36:18 GMT 2004

Fellow Listers-

I have a colleague at the my bank who has had his credit card information
stolen from his home pc.  He is aware of this and he and I have been working
to try and figure out where and when.  He then received an e-mail this
morning that states the following:

> > Good day Mr. Rxxxx Xxxxxx
> > My name is Kenji Nurasaki, I am the director of R.I.S.S.(Romanian 
> > Internet Security Service).A couple of days ago I've just 
> > intercepted a IRC conversation betwen two kids.One of them gave the 
> > following to the other. The R.I.S.S. recomend that you change your 
> > Credit Card of block it.

Following this was his credit card number, expiration date, and all personal
information.  I would like some advise on what to do and if this person is
an actual person/company.  Thank you very much in advance.


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