[Dshield] RE: Spam Filter for MS Exchange Server

Deb Hale haled at pionet.net
Tue Jan 20 21:40:04 GMT 2004

Donald - 
  >> How much $$$ are you allowed to spend. 
     I guess it depends on the features of the program.  This is a small not
for profit organization and the funds       
     aren't unlimited, however the President is a deaconess in her church
and is very offended by some of the smut mail.  
     I think somewhere between $300 to $1000 depending on the features and
the reliability.

   >> Will it be integrated with your Corp virus wall? 
	They are using Symantec Nav for Exchange.  It would be great if they
can integrate.

   >> Are false negatives (positives) acceptable and WHICH would your CEO
rather have.
	Either - they have a person in the office that manages their
network, that person would also be tasked with 
      checking the trash bin and forwarding any mail that is held by

   >> If a little spam gets in but no real email gets dropped is that ok. 
	I would say yes.  I would like to also offer them a solution that
lets them pick and choose who they have in their 
      accepted list. Allow them to train the software :) - add email that
are ok and ones to always block. (I use Postini 
      - and I can add domains and individuals to my rejected filter.)

   >> Or would he rather have no spam (ok that's not really available) and
loose a few real emails?
	I have already warned them that none of the solutions are 100%.
They have to be trained :) and this takes a while,  
      and the spammers continue to get creative and figure out ways to fool
the filter. Again, it is the matter of 
      training the software what is acceptable.

Donald.Smith at qwest.com GCIA
I violate protocols for a living:-)

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> Subject: Spam Filter for MS Exchange Server
> I am looking for a spam filter program to run on an Exchange
> 2000 server (25
> users) to filter junk before it hits the users inbox.  (The 
> President of the
> company is tired of all of the Viagra ad's and breast 
> enlargement ad's. :)
> ) I am looking for input from the "experts" about which are 
> the best.  Do
> any of you have any recommendations? Anyone used this type of 
> software that
> can recommend which is the best? 
> Deb

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