[Dshield] Spam Filter for MS Exchange Server

Bob Savage bsavage at rnr-inc.com
Tue Jan 20 23:09:08 GMT 2004

Deb, we're about that size, have Exchange 2000 and we're using iHateSpam Server Edition (Sunbelt Software).  It provides a lot of control points. You can fine tune settings to make them more sensitive or less, can make some settings global, can put different users in groups with different settings.  Each user has her own white and black lists, and you can also set up group level and/or global white and black lists.  Best part is that each user has his own spam quarantine folder and can be responsible for reviewing it for false positives.  There are many other features as well.  Cost at the time we bought it six months ago was under $500.  I'm sure there are many other good products on the market.  We tried this one because of the good rep of the personal version and because of the cost, and it's worked well.

Bob Savage
RNR, Inc.

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I am looking for a spam filter program to run on an Exchange 2000 server (25
users) to filter junk before it hits the users inbox.  (The President of the
company is tired of all of the Viagra ad's and breast enlargement ad's. :)
) I am looking for input from the "experts" about which are the best.  Do
any of you have any recommendations? Anyone used this type of software that
can recommend which is the best? 


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