[Dshield] stolen credit card

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          It seems that we have two different problems here. 1: He was 
notified, could be a good thing, it just seems a little fishy how the info was 
caught. 2: How did they get all the Info? I cannot understand why anyone puts 
"Real" or Complete Info on amy computer that is connected to the Internet, 
       Ask you friend if he is using M$ Passport, If so he did not check 
around before setting it up. 
       I tell all of my customers that if they use "Passport" not to call me 
if they have problems, they are on their own. M$ set that wrote that program 
for reasons of their own, then made it look like it as just to make life easier 
for people, Tracking is Tracking, Passport will never be 100% safe. Just to 
many ways to get in. 
      I have everyone make up an Internet name, all new computers use hat 
name also [at set up] CC $s can be kept on computers - the last 4 numbers, The 
advantages to this are many, but the one that helps the most is tracking what 
program, browser, site, gathered or sent you personal info. 
      If he is using Passport get him off it, Please let him know that BANK 
security is do way the same as what the average or even most system addmins 
use. I believe that is where he got the idea it was OK to put "REAL" personal 
Information on his Computer
                               Be safe Bill

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Fellow Listers-

I have a colleague at the my bank who has had his credit card information
stolen from his home pc.  He is aware of this and he and I have been working
to try and figure out where and when.  He then received an e-mail this
morning that states the following:

> > Good day Mr. Rxxxx Xxxxxx
> > My name is Kenji Nurasaki, I am the director of R.I.S.S.(Romanian 
> > Internet Security Service).A couple of days ago I've just 
> > intercepted a IRC conversation betwen two kids.One of them gave the 
> > following to the other. The R.I.S.S. recomend that you change your 
> > Credit Card of block it.

Following this was his credit card number, expiration date, and all personal
information.  I would like some advise on what to do and if this person is
an actual person/company.  Thank you very much in advance.


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