[Dshield] Spam Filter for MS Exchange Server

Kenneth Coney superc at visuallink.com
Wed Jan 21 16:13:36 GMT 2004

Personally, I am opposed to third party filters.

For the paranoid, there is one inherit flaw in using a third party filter 
of any kind, much less a mail filter.  Simply put, you are authorizing a 
third party to screen and silently block (kill) your mail.  I had a devil 
of a time putting free AVG on one person's PC because this ISP, with which 
she had an account uses Postini filtering for most users, and Postini 
blocked/trapped the AVG activation code (it also blocked Dshield mail to me 
containing virus code extracts before I got them to terminate my Postini). 
  It is bad enough that your email probably goes through a hundred 
different servers.  At least most of them probably aren't looking at it. 
Now you are contracting with a third party (whose membership and employees 
you know nothing about) to look at who writes you and to either approve or 
disapprove of the contact.  Hopefully there is a published policy on what 
conditions a mail must meet to become undeliverable spam.  Does it include 
buzzwords in content?  Things like; p*nis, viagra, HGH, Republican Party, 
Democrat, "as seen on TV," Hi, etc.  Can you edit the buzzwords?  Are there 
any blocked buzzwords not shown in your edit screen?  Do they content 
filter your Internet connection too?  Perhaps prevent any connection 
between your children and pornagraphy and other "objectionable" sites, like 
when Norton's child filter blocked connections to the National Rifle 
Association and other sites?  Perhaps they keep a log of what they approved 
or disapproved which you (or someone else) can view.  What's the point of 
deleting a sensitive email from your machine, if your filter group keeps a 
copy?  If their site goes down, do you get your mail anyway?  Can you be 
isolated by a DOS attack against them?  If you have enough technical acumen 
to be here on Dshield, then you have enough to setup or find your own 
software filter, run on your machine, and under your own direct control.

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