[Dshield] spoofed address

Nick Harley nickharley at bcbsal.org
Wed Jan 21 20:58:24 GMT 2004

Where do you think they picked it up from? I posted on a Windows forum
one time and since I wasn't sure when I'd be able to check it again I
put my real work address in it. I had the same thing happen afterwards,
in addition to all the viruses people were trying to send. After a few
months it finally stopped. Until then I just put rules on my email
client to redirect anything that made it through the firewall to my

>>> warner at neb.com 1/21/2004 11:32:03 AM >>>
a worker here has found that his email address has been spoofed
He has recieved many return mails stating so
mostly from russia and finland.
Is there a way to stop this?
we can filter the address at the wall but I am unsure about letting the
any ideas?
anyone i can contact?
Mark Warner
TelCom/Network Manager
New England BioLabs Inc.
32 Tozer Rd
Beverly MA
978.998.7407 Direct
978.927.5054 Ext. 407 Office
978.921.1350 Fax
warner at neb.com 

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