[Dshield] BEFSX41 and a lot of hits

Keith Bergen keith at keithbergen.com
Wed Jan 21 23:51:32 GMT 2004

I use the Linksys BEFW11S4 router, and have not had any hits on port 4662
since I started monitoring my dynamic DSL line in April of 2003.

I did some quick searches on the eDonkey application. It appears to be yet
another file share system. I suspect that it is a "service" that is similar
to those that use Gnutella (like Limewire). If you are on a dynamic IP
address, then I suspect the previous holder was running an eDonkey service,
and the eDonkey lookup servers still have your IP listed in their tables.

How best to deal with it? Well, (again, assuming you are on dynamic IP) you
could wait or you could disconnect and lease a new IP.

Hope this helps,


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I just replaced my router with the Linksys BEFSX41 which is great piece 
of equipment despite reviews to the contrary (I won't get into that 
now).  Anyway, it's been online now for a couple of days and WallWatcher 
has been going nuts with hits to port 4662 (eDonkey), racking up as many 
as 30 to 40 attempts per minute in spurts.  I'm sure others have been 
experiencing this but was wondering how wide spread it is.  Thanks.


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