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Its a hoax [and an old one at that].  See
http://vil.nai.com/vil/content/v_99436.htm or
x.html for the scoop.


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This came today from a concerned friend of mine. Please tell me if I have
anything to worry about. The cursor trembles with your Norton shield icon
every time I go near it. I have not opened any attachments or followed her
instructions. I have a Mac and they don't apply but, in any case, I wouldn't
know how to do it.


Doreen Langmead


Subject: Fw: VIRUS ALERT

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From: pierscoombs

Date: 20 January 2004 22:34:00

To: Andy & Sue; Duncan.Oakley; jensen; kane & Louise; Lenmorland; roger &
mandy; sheila & malcolm james; steve bowley


Hi people - I just found out that I received a virus that is automatically
passed to everyone in my address book. Since you are in my address book, you
will probably find it in your computer too. The virus is called jdbg.exe and
is not detected by Norton or McAfee anti-virus systems. The virus sits
quietly for 14 days before damaging your system. It is sent automatically by
'messenger' using your address book whether you sent it to your contacts or
not. Here is how to check for the virus and how to get rid of it.

Please do this ASAP:

1) Go to start, then click your 'Find' or 'Search' option.

2) In the folder option, type the name jdbgm

3) Be sure to search your C: drive and all the subfolders and any other
drives you may have. 4) Click 'Find Now' or 'Begin Search' 5) The virus has
a teddy bear icon with the name jdbgmgr.exe DO NOT OPEN IT!!!!! 6) Go to
Edit (on the menu bar) and choose 'Select All' to highlight the files
without opening them. 7) Now go to File (on the menu bar) and select delete.
The files will then go to your recycle bin. 8) After you have deleted the
files, go to the recycle bin, highlight the files without opening them (only
single click on them) and delete them from the recycle bin.

If you find the virus, you must contact all the people in your address book
so they can eradicate the virus from their own address books.


1) Start a new e-mail message

2) Click the icon Address Book next to 'TO'

3) Highlight every name and add to 'BCC'

4) Copy this message and paste to the e-mail

I had this on my computer, so please check your computer right away.



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