[Dshield] BEFSX41 and a lot of hits

Josh Tolley josh at raintreeinc.com
Thu Jan 22 16:51:40 GMT 2004

I'm no home router expert, but have to say that I've tried and tried and 
tried to get a couple different home routers I've been through to 
forward *anything*. Sometimes I've seen nebulous complaints in manuals 
that my router shouldn't be expected to forward anything if it's not got 
a static IP address on the WAN side (why the one would be a condition of 
the other, I don't know). Generally speaking it hasn't worked. I haven't 
tried a Linksys router -- but my d-link and netgear routers have both 
had problems forwarding anything.

Josh Tolley

Joseph Stahley 3rd wrote:

> Ok..I went back to defaults on router, this time I forwarded all the ports
> to my win2k machine (UpnP Forwarding). Guess what, it worked all the ports
> that have been probing show up in my log, but they stop right at my router
> (my public ip) and go no further into any of my other machines. I think my
> router may have a bug of some sort. Weird, I didn't even use the private
> port forward feature as well after I reset back to default and disabled the
> Multicast,IPSEC and PPTP pass throughs and enabled Block Wan Request.Guess
> I'll try the filtered private port range idea and let you know later if If
> it changes anything.
> Joseph  

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