[Dshield] spoofed address

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Thu Jan 22 20:28:58 GMT 2004

tor, 22.01.2004 kl. 11.17 skrev Gaëtan Baudeaux:

> I want to add my 2 eurocents to this...
> Before going to the FBI, maybe just look at the new v|ruses around.

1: The FBI doesn't even take a smell at anything under single instances
of US$k 50 worth of proved damage;

2: The FBI doesn't operate in Europe - "Europe" including Romania,
Russia and many other countries - and couldn't care less (the CIA is
another matter, but she doesn't concern herself with "mundane" things).

> The bagle v|rus forges the sender of the mail and that s probably what
> happened. Someone he knows got his computer infected and he started sending
> mails to other people.

The only thing to do with viruses is to consult your own favorite virus
emporium, get her fix and apply it.

I lie. I run Linux/Unix and I can click on attachments until I'm blue in
the face. Or can I?


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